Happy Halloween!

IMG_0233My family enjoys Halloween. Even my husband and I dress up to go tr Continue reading


Dull and Dreary

blog1I love fall, the changing colours, the leaves falling, fresh apples, pumpkin pie, fall fairs and the fresh, crisp air.  But along with all of these positive changes comes something more profound.  As I encounter less daylight and there are more dreary days, my mood falls. Sometimes I can maintain it at a medium level and other times I can’t control my fall into the abyss of dull and dreary which overcomes my being. Continue reading

A Little Bird Told Me…

A nice vantage point for birdwatching.

“Mom, come look!” calls my three-year old from her room this morning,  “There’s a bird in Dylan’s birdhouse!” So I go upstairs to see, and we both lift the blinds over our heads so we can look out and watch the birds.  After a minute or so Dylan comes in to watch as well.  We raise the blinds, so we can watch a bit easier. Continue reading

Exploring the World from a “Universal” Perspective

The other night, my husband and I were watching the news and we saw a short interview with Chris Hadfield talking about his new book which contains a variety of photographs of the Earth, taken from the International Space Station.  The few photIMG_0210ographs they showed were quite amazing and we thought it would be an interesting book to take a look at. Continue reading

A Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

Yesterday, we travelled to the Niagara Region and paid a visit to the Howell Family Pumpkin Farm.  We hadn’t been there since my older boys were young, so we thought that we would take the younger two for a nice fall adventure and an opportunity to pick out some pumpkins.  Of course, it wasn’t so easy…we had to park a fair walk from the entrance so we wouldn’t be able to get any good sized pumpkins, this trip would have to be for a few smaller, unique pumpkins.  Then, of course, the kids were determined to pick their pumpkins first and did not want to entertain the idea of doing any of the other activities that were running at the farm. Continue reading