Family Vacation: Day 1

 Arrived in Québec City.  

Travelling with two teenagers and two children for ten hours may seem a bit crazy, especially if you don’t opt for DVD players in the minivan.  However, the drive was completed with only a very short period of whining and goofing around near the eight hour mark.  With iPads in tow we were able to provide some distraction to make it until they fell asleep.  

The teens travel fine except for Logan who suffers from motion sickness which, of course, reared its ugly head despite the gravol.  A short pit stop for some fresh air, to get rid of the puke, and to move to the front seat was enough to get him through the rest of the trip.  Lesson learned:  start with Logan in the front seat.

The hotel:  Hôtel et Suites le Dauphin Québec

Our room was quite nice.  Clean and comfortable.  The family suite came with a king bed, a double Murphy bed and two twins which worked out perfectly for our needs.  

After a quick snack, the kids wanted to go to the pool.  The pool was small (max. occupancy of 10) but the kids loved it.  Breakfast is included.  Looking forward to a real meal after a day of cheese & crackers & kielbasa.