Taking the Bus: Part III

Well, I biked to the psychiatrist appointment, the rain held off.  But he thinks with me “losing time” it’s probably not safe to bike either.  

I guess I will have to face my fears and try the bus next time.   A little exposure therapy will help I hope.  


Taking the bus Part II

So I got everything figured out for how to get from my house to my psychiatrist appointment using the bus.  Catch bus, transfer at mall, get to psychiatrist…no problem.  

However, I’m still not ready.  Having to ask for a transfer, terrifying.  Do all busses pass through all stops at mall or will I be waiting at the wrong one and miss the bus I need, who needs that risk!

So I’ve decided to ride my bike despite the risk of thunderstorms, what’s a little rain and it’s only 5k each way lol. 

I’ve been afraid to ride my bike to places where I have to leave it unattended in case someone steals it, of course it’ll be locked up but who knows right? Someone could cut the lock.  I did manage to ride my bike to the gym yesterday and it was not stolen.  So I’m willing to risk it again.  Each time I do it the threat will feel lower. 

So today’s the day, hopefully the rain holds off until after I head out or I may end up taking a taxi 😂

Leaving the Nest (i)

My oldest just graduated high school and will be officially leaving the nest (at least temporarily) this coming fall.  

Today we drove the 2 1/2 – 3 hour drive to his campus.  Since I’m not driving, he had to get us there (his first time driving on the highway).  We got his verification of enrolment form signed for his RESP, and picked up his lab coat and scrubs (hopefully I’ll get to see him wearing them 😉, he already told me no pics LOL).  

It was nice to spend the time together just the two of us, we talked about some strategies for next year and he shared his hopes/plans for the next few years.  It was nice to hear him thinking about his future as an adult.  

I’m scared, nervous, proud and excited all at the same time.  Can’t wait to see how he grows into adulthood. 

Taking the bus 😳

So, I’ve been having periods of “losing time” either from dissociation or absence seizures. My EEG is scheduled for September.  So I am on a hiatus from driving.  Very frustrating as a busy mom of four.  

Thankfully, I have a licensed teenager and it’s summer so he has been kind enough to chauffeur me and the younger kids around.  😀.   

But now that he’s getting full time hours at his job I’m finding getting around more problematic.  Of course, our city has public transit – a fairly weak one but bussing nonetheless.  So now I’m tasked with learning to navigate our cities transit system to get me to my appointments.  

Of course, this is a much larger issue than it should be because of my depression which makes me lack the focus to put all the information together and my anxiety makes everything overwhelming and scary.  

I’ve got a psychiatrist appointment in a couple days I’ll report back on how it goes.  

Back again

Hello again,

It has been a long, time since I’ve written.  The last couple of years have been a time of extended low moods, low energy and extremely low motivation.  I have had no interest in writing, being creative or sharing the things going on in our busy household.

We have been busy…competitive dance, music lessons, soccer, basketball, high school graduations, college planning, part-time jobs and all that jazz.  I’ve been going through the motions getting whatever enjoyment I can squeeze out of life and trying my best to maintain my support system of friends and family.    I am thankful for all of the understanding and compassionate people that I have in my life.

I just started a new medication this past week after having some blanking out during driving that motivated a review of my meds and some changes.  I have added Abilify to my Celexa and have stopped taking Wellbutrin and I have to admit that the difference is remarkable.  Hence, my return to my online outlet. I hope to once again have a more visible presence and share our life journey, offer support and inspiration to other home educators and those struggling with mental health.   Peace.