Natural Learning in Photos: Day 15

 Dylan comes to me and asks, “if I pick 60 raspberries every two days, how many will I have in 5 days?”  

Of course the mathematician in me is cheering, “a real life opportunity to learn basic algebra.” So I proceed to ask,  “well we need to know how many you pick each day.”

He replies with “well, I think it’s 3+3, so 30 in one day”

Then he counted by 30s (he hasn’t done much multiplication yet 😉) to find out how many in five days, but of course that wasn’t enough he had to continue on until he got to 30 days. Lots of motivation since it’s a problem he wanted to figure out that was relevant to him.  

Here is the first page of his work 🙂



30 Days of Natural Learning in Photos: Day 13

We have been doing lots of natural learning over the past week or so. None of it photo worthy though, as it has mostly consisted of “health” as we’ve had some viruses going around.

This week we are starting to be moving towards feeling healthier, so hopefully I will get back on track. Here is my photo for today. Number recognition with the advent calendar 🙂


30 Days of Natural Learning in Photos: Day 11

Yesterday, we visited a local museum and heritage village. We learned about celebrations from different cultures and then stepped back in time to see how Christmas was celebrated in pioneer times. My kids were more interested in the non-Christmas related buildings but fun was had by all, other than the freezing faces.

Learning about Eid, colouring and making window decorations for the light to shine through.

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30 Days of Natural Learning in Photos: Day 10

A little bit late posting, it’s been a busy week.

Wednesday, we visited a butterfly conservatory for a homeschool program they host. The theme for the day was birds, and included a scavenger hunt, stories, science experiments, hands-on learning and crafts.

Very proud of the nest she made with mom.
Nest building work-in-progress.

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30 Days of Natural Learning in Photos: Day 9

Yesterday, we went on a day trip to the Aquarium in Toronto, but first we had to hang out at the mall, while dad went for an interview.


I must say the aquarium was amazing.  I could have stayed there for many hours just watching the fish swim, it is so calming, and there were so many different species to look for.  We did not see everything during our stay, but it was certainly filled with many learning opportunities.




I liked the children’s play area, even though my kids ended up soaking wet. The water table allowed for learning about physics and there was even a display on the wall explaining how lock systems work, which the children were able to connect with as they have visited the locks in the Niagara Region.




It was nice that they placed the play area in the middle of the aquarium galleries so that the kids could have a chance to burn off some energy, even though it was difficult to pull them away from it when it was time to continue on.  After the play area, there was still quite a bit to see, and I liked that there were plenty of interactive activities.  I love learning through trips into the “field,” the kids love them and they learn lots without even realizing it.