Disney world vacation: Day 2

Last nights hotel did the job, barely.  Room was in pretty rough shape but got a good night sleep and some food in our tummies before our second day of driving.  Good thing it was a cheap place to lay our heads. 

Today’s drive was shorter than yesterday’s by about three hours.  Could’ve been a bit shorter if I hadn’t foolishly thought it would be a nice way to break up the drive by stopping in Disney springs for supper and some shopping. Unfortunately, at soon as we hit Florida it was pouring rain the whole way. So that didn’t work out as imagined.  With the way the forecast is looking I think we’re going to get some use out of the rain ponchos.  

We ended up stopping at the Cracker Barrel for supper instead which was a satisfying break.  The rest of the drive to Bradenton was extremely stormy and will likely continue to be through the night.  

If you’re wondering why we went past Orlando to a Florida we are meeting up for breakfast with one of our old friends that moved to Bradenton. 😀

Tonight’s hotel is not a whole lot better than last nights but I’m sure it’ll work as a place to sleep and that’s all we need. Again, a cheap one. 

Looking forward to tomorrow! 


Disney World Vacation: Day 1

Today was spent in the car for the first leg of our trip from Ontario to North Carolina.   Crossing the border was smooth as silk, so one less worry on the way.  Driving through the Mountains gave some nice views.  

Twelve hours in the car with three kids can be challenging at times, but they were pretty patient.  The biggest issue was when Evelyn was singing a song from her iPad and dylan didn’t like it so he turned on his on louder and sang along to overpower Evelyn.  

One thing I noticed is that people in West Virginia aren’t on their cell phones as much as us Canadians lol. 

Heading to Charlotte to spend the night.

Family Vacation: Day 8

Long drive to Montreal

We decided not to stay to do more exploring and to head out after breakfast.  The kids snuck in a quick game of checkers as we checked out and I took a few pics on the way to the hotel parking lot before we drove up to the admissions center for breakfast. 

Breakfast was good, although the potatoes were a bit salty.  Kyle took a risk and tried the cretons.  After breakfast, we did some shopping at the souvenir shop.  They had a wide variety of merchandise including hand-made toques, mitts, and socks, books, music, wooden shoes, instruments and beautiful quilts. 

Then the adventure began! We headed out to Montreal with just over a quarter tank of gas assuming that there would be places to stop along the way.  We started out along the coast and then continued onto a secondary highway that would take us to St. Quentin.  What we didn’t realize was that it was primarily a logging road that had no civilization for around 135 km.  There was next to no traffic other than the logging trucks and it was a winding, hilly road with many potholes – oh, and I should mention, no cell service.  

The gas light came on around 40 km from St. Quentin so we were quite confident that we could make it without incident.  Of course, there were potty emergencies but those were easier to take care of.    We arrived at a gas station in St. Quentin, a logging town with a huge sawmill, only to find out they were out of gas.  The next gas station along our route was about 45 minutes.  We explained that we wouldn’t be able to make it that far and the young man directed us to a closer station around the corner.  Thank goodness they still had fuel, or we would have been in big trouble.

We arrived in Montreal around 7 pm, found parking in a nearby lot and checked into our hotel, Le Square Phillips Hôtel et Suites.  Our room is huge and well-equipped with a full kitchen.

The rooftop terrace overlooks some churches and an old Hudson’s Bay building, as well some office buildings.

 Hoping for a good night sleep and a leisurely walk around Old Montreal tomorrow, and, of course, a swim in the hotel pool with the littles. 

Family Vacation: Day 4

Prince Edward Island

Today we headed out to the quaint, little island of Prince Edward Island (PEI).  We took the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick and I have to say it way amazing.  The engineering to design such an amazing bridge and the maintenance that must be required to keep it operational is unspeakable.  Going over for the first time was a bit nerve-wracking.  I definitely need to learn more about the construction of this bridge, it truly is unbelievable.  

The Confederation Bridge is the world’s longest bridge over ice-covered waters.  There was obviously no ice there now and I’m not sure if I would be comfortable crossing if it was.  

We didn’t do a lot of sight seeing in PEI.  The countryside was nice and we saw lots of red dirt – although we did pass on the ever-popular “dirt shirt.”  We went to Spinnakers Landing, in Summerside, for some shopping and lunch. We had to sit outside as the inside was full.  It was a nice view but very windy.  We then went to the College of Piping and Celtic Music where we learned about step dancing, highland dancing, the bagpipes and the drum as well as some interesting information about the college.  We then enjoyed a short demonstration of each of the four disciplines filled by some small group performances.  The mini concerts are very relaxed, if you attend a mini concert you get a discount off of the larger evening performance which I’ve heard is very good.  Unfortunately, it was not something we could stay for.  

Lastly, we went on a short coastal drive and saw a few lighthouses.  We went in the one located at Victoria-by-the-Sea, the kids were a bit nervous going up and down the ladder, even though it was relatively small.  Admission was by voluntary donation.  The lower level provided some some displays about the lighthouses history and how lighthouses work.


All the children have been fed, thankful for the guest laundry at the hotel while I await my dinner date with dad when he gets back from swimming with the kids.  He is amazing taking them when I know he’s tired and could really use some piece & quiet.  Hopefully dinner will be enough of a break to provide some sanity and allow us to recharge our batteries.