Taking the bus Part II

So I got everything figured out for how to get from my house to my psychiatrist appointment using the bus.  Catch bus, transfer at mall, get to psychiatrist…no problem.  

However, I’m still not ready.  Having to ask for a transfer, terrifying.  Do all busses pass through all stops at mall or will I be waiting at the wrong one and miss the bus I need, who needs that risk!

So I’ve decided to ride my bike despite the risk of thunderstorms, what’s a little rain and it’s only 5k each way lol. 

I’ve been afraid to ride my bike to places where I have to leave it unattended in case someone steals it, of course it’ll be locked up but who knows right? Someone could cut the lock.  I did manage to ride my bike to the gym yesterday and it was not stolen.  So I’m willing to risk it again.  Each time I do it the threat will feel lower. 

So today’s the day, hopefully the rain holds off until after I head out or I may end up taking a taxi 😂