30 Days of Natural Learning in Photos: Day 12

The laws of physics.



Oh the joys of baking and being to short to fully reach the top shelf. Thankful for my helper 🙂


30 Days of Natural Learning in Photos: Day 4


What a beautiful fall day in November. Sixteen degrees Celsius and clear blue skies. Definitely a day to be outside, there won’t be many more like this until spring.

Today’s journey to the park allowed for learning about: bike safety when riding on the road, Evelyn is determined to drive down the middle of the road; exercise and its physical effects – heart beats faster, we get warmer, we breathe deeper; reading the road and street signs along the way; distance travelled and our pace – my exercise app keeps us informed; tree and leaf identification; how different surfaces are easier or more difficult to ride on; and the effect of slope on your ability to ride.


Not to mention the mental health benefits that come from being outside and surrounded by nature, taking things at your own pace and just enjoying the moments. It’s especially good for mom. Being outside is good for the soul. 🙂